Tuesday, 5 April 2011

SL1000 Hardware Manual Issue 1.0


(SL1000 Hardware Manual Issue 1.0)

This manual details down what are the hardware equipment available with this new system.

Basically this system is a direct replacement of Aspila Topaz which is going to be EOL soon.

Here are the major improvements;
  • OPBOX is no longer required
  • No need for 2PGDAD
  • Support for ISDN PRI connection
  • Built-in LAN port
  • WebPro
  • Able to expand up to 4 system chassis
  • Enlarge Port Capacity per KSU
  • Enlarge Trunk Capacity per KSU
  • Remote Maintenance
  • 1 channel Built-in Auto Answer (VRS)
  • New Features => Ecology, Security

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